Presented by AOC and
Studio F. A. Porsche 

The brand-new monitors PDS241 and PDS271 are designed by the globally-known design house
Studio F. A. Porsche. Bringing contemporary and functional design to your desk, these displays look like no other monitor on the market. With only 5.2 mm thickness, they are slimmer than your smartphone.

Design philosophy

A monitor should not look untidy. Instead, a monitor with a good design should focus on its function; its display and the panel itself. In reality, almost all monitors have a clumsy look, standing on a bulky plastic stand with limited ergonomics, with thick bezels around the display and a thick back-side which houses the integrated circuits and power, display and various extra cables hanging down loosely.

This is where Ferdinand Alexander Porsche’s philosophy comes into play: “If you analyse the function of an object, its form often becomes obvious.”

With the collaboration between AOC and Studio F. A. Porsche, a new innovative design has emerged. The power and display signals run through the twisted metal asymmetrical stand. The backside stays clean and ultra-slim with minimal obtrusion for the ICs and wired connections. 3-sides frameless design of the monitor lets the user focus on the vivid display, and onlookers will enjoy the sleek and modern look from every angle.

“The expressive shape of the monitor stand emphasises the simple idea of integrating the cables into the stand. The form not only follows the function but celebrates it through its asymmetrical shape in an elegant and sophisticated way.” says Henning Rieseler, Manager at Studio F. A. Porsche Berlin and the designer of the new AOC monitor series.

“We’re very proud of the result of AOC’s collaboration with 
Studio F. A. Porsche. These new futuristic and elegant monitors from the PDS line make a bold statement about AOC’s dedication to delivering innovative products – both technology and design wise.” says AOC’s Director Marketing & Business Management, Stefan Sommer.

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