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eSports Team

Støtte af dygtighed

Vores skærme er designet til at løfte spillerens evner til deres yderste grænser. Det er derfor, vi har indgået partnerskab med G2 Esports – en af verdens førsteklasses organisationer inden for e-sport, for at støtte dem med vores højtydende skærme. Inden for e-sport er en lav responstid, en høj opdateringshastighed og Adaptive-Sync-teknologier afgørende for de bedste spillepræstationer — og vores skærme gør det muligt for G2-professionelle at yde deres bedste og dominere konkurrencen endnu mere.

AOC-gaming i e-sport

Alle kulturer har en forkant – et område, hvor det bedste af det bedste definerer standarden af dygtighed. Dette er hvad, e-sport er for gaming – konkurrence på det højeste niveau, der producerer utrolige øjeblikke, og med handlinger, der tidligere lod til at være umulige. Det er derfor, vi har indgået partnerskab med G2 Esports – en af verdens bedste organisationer, for at støtte dem med vores højtydende skærme. Vi sørger for, at hver eneste G2-spiller har de rette værktøjer til at være forrest i spillet.


League of Legends

Immediately after their promotion to EU LCS, the team completely dominated the league in 2016 and 2017, also showing their prowess on the international stage. Semi-finalist at Worlds 2018.

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Legends of French CS:GO united in one line-up, featuring multiple Major winners. The perfect combination of tactical prowess, firepower and experience.

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Team Atlantis

Team Atlantis: Finding treasure players and discovering their skill Having the best view means being one step ahead – in the game as well as in the competitive scene. Team Atlantis is one of the most aspiring organisations in Fortnite. With their own practice platform “Atlantis Scrims”, they put their focus on scouting promising newcomers. AOC wants to support their mission and equips their talented players with high-quality gear. With the right tools at their disposal, Team Atlantis is going to have an edge in their upcoming Fortnite battles.

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Team Atlantis is associated with high expertise and hold in high standard among Fortnite pro scene. Due to their management style, they can spot talented players early and engage in their growth. As founders of the most popular practice platform Atlantis Scrims they are ready to explore its potential by expanding their brand not just as an esports organisation but also as a place of growth and talent development.

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