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AGON - premium gaming monitors

AGON monitors are equipped with top-notch features and offer you everything you need to be on top of the game.

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AGON and its history

AGON – An Ancient Greek word for competition, struggle, and antagonism, also used to describe the Olympic Games, which featured the best athletes of their time. In 2016, in the very same spirit of competition, AOC launched AGON – the premium line of gaming monitors for the most demanding gamers.

Agon background

Top choice in AOC gaming range

AGON line has been designed to match the requirements of hardcore gamers, professional esports teams and streamers. Ever since the launch all AGON products have always been well received and awarded by the gaming community and hardware experts. AGON monitors are preferred choices at esports events.

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High performance for any game-genre

The AGON series is the premium range among AOC Gaming’s products. Play fast-paced shooters, racing games, and football simulations in high resolution to get the best out of your game. The curved AGON models add extra immersion for any gaming experience.

Thanks to a refresh rate of 144 Hz up to 244Hz, AGON monitors are compatible with all modern graphics cards. The G-Sync and FreeSync technologies synchronize the refresh rate of the monitor to the exact framerate of your graphics card. This results in a smooth gaming experience, because there is no stuttering or tearing effects. The AGON series prevents ghosting with the fastest response time of down to 1ms.

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Premium gaming design

AGON’s design stands out by using high quality materials and great ergonomics with height adjustment, tilt and swivel. Gamers get the extra’s they deserve on a screen. Ranging from carry-on handles, to headset holders and RGB lighting on the back. With AGON as a main gaming screen, you’ll always have the best features available to win.

Choose your AGON monitor

There is an AGON monitor for each game genre and individual gamer. No matter what games you play - AGON enables you to enjoy gaming the best way possible.