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    April 9, 2021

    4.7/5 stars for the AOC AG493UCX from WePC

    WePC, a hardware review/news website and Youtube channel, catering to both UK and US audiences with editors from both regions and with 1.93 million monthly visits, recently published another review on its website and its YouTube channel, this time for the AG493UCX and gave the monitor 4.7/5 stars.

    + 120 Hz refresh rate

    + Premium design and rock solid build quality

    + Robust and sturdy base of the stand

    + Dual-stage, almost borderless design

    + Height, tilt and swivel adjustments

    + Rich connectivity

    + Good colour accuracy in sRGB mode (average DeltaE of 0.91, 2.2 Gamma)

    + Good colour accuracy after calibration (average DeltaE of 0.5, maximum DeltaE of 2.36)

    + Exceptionally high brightness uniformity

    + 125% sRGB volume and 99.3% coverage, 88.8% DCI-P3 volume, 85.9% coverage (a little behind but still high)

    + Good, smooth gaming performance with “Medium” overdrive setting

    + Exceptional immersion with HDR, 1800R curvature and massive 49 inch size

    + PbP mode is particularly useful when multi-tasking

    + “Absolutely fantastic” gaming experience in single player games


    - Some wobbling issues

    - Confusing OSD layout and navigation

    - Lower than advertised contrast ratio (~2400:1, after calibration only 859:1)

    - Some pretty aggressive colour shifts after 45° viewing angles

    - Carrying handle similar to other AGON models would’ve been better

    Verdict: „Overall, the performance of this monitor surprised me. Not only did it exceed my expectations in competitive games, but it also blew me away in more immersive titles like Flight Simulator and racing games. […] So, there you have it, our complete rundown of the AOC AG493UCX 49″ gaming monitor. The only real question left to answer is whether or not we feel this panel is worth the cash. And for me, I can conclusively say yes, I think it is. […] So, my final impressions of this monitor are extremely positive. Whilst it might not go toe-to-toe with the Samsung G9 – in terms of specifications – it certainly offers a tonne of value for those that want the G9 experience at a reduced price. […] The massive curved (1800R) AG493UCX brings a DQHD (Dual QHD) screen resolution to the table – effectively two 27″ 2560 x 1440 monitors stuck together. That not only gives you an absolute tonne of desk real-estate but also offers a significant uplift in picture quality over 1080p alternatives. A VA panel sits at the heart of this monitor, equipped with VRR support for both Nvidia and FreeSync, a 120Hz refresh rate, and a 1ms MPRT – making it a superb option for single-player and competitive titles. Offering up a wide color gamut – said to be in the region of 90% DCI-P3 – alongside a 3000:1 contrast ratio and 550 nits of brightness – this monitor seems to tick all the right boxes.“

    Please find the written review here and the video review here.

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