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    November 12, 2021

    8/10 points for AGON AGK700 @ MEINMMO (DACH)

    MEINMMO, a gaming focussed website run by Germany’s, recently published a review of the AGON AGK700 keyboard. The keyboard received 8/10 points and their recommendation!



    + Soft, high-quality and removable palm rest

    + Sturdy, heavy aluminium housing

    + Good illumination of the keys

    + Fast, precise switches

    + Additional USB port

    + Dedicated macro keys

    + Enclosed WASD keys for swapping


    - Feet only made of reinforced plastic

    - ABS keycaps instead of higher-quality PBT caps

    - Macro keys ergonomically unfavourably placed

    - Only red Cherry switches available in Germany

    - Keyboard cable not removable

    Workmanship 9

    Ergonomics / Handling 9

    Writing comfort 7

    Gaming comfort 8

    Software 8

    Verdict: „The AOC AGON AGK700 is an all-round successful gaming keyboard. For around 180 euros, you get all the features you would expect from a premium keyboard for this price: the keyboard has good switches, high-quality workmanship, USB pass-through and dedicated macro keys. For other keyboards in the same price range with a similar range of functions, such as the Corsair K100 RGB, you have to pay considerably more than 200 euros. In return, Corsair also offers optical-mechanical switches and more comprehensive software. Nevertheless, not everything is perfect in my eyes. I'm disappointed, for example, by AOC's decision to use ABS keycaps for its keyboard instead of higher-quality PBT keycaps. A second point concerns the arrangement of the special and macro keys, which are placed too far away and too low. This feels unpleasant from an ergonomic point of view. The metallic reverberation of the keys doesn't bother me personally, but not every gamer will like it. In Germany, we also only get the red switches, while a version with blue switches is also available in other countries.“

    Please find the full review here.

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