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    November 12, 2021

    9 out of 10 points scored by the AOC AGON AGK700 @ Total Gaming Addicts (UK)

    total gaming addicts, a gaming-focused UK website, recently published a review of the AOC AGON AGK700 keyboard and gave it a rating of 9/10 points!



    + Cherry MX Red switches

    + Per-key RGB lighting

    + USB passthrough

    + Comfortable magnetic wrist rest

    + Big Red button – „I quite like it, […] but it is very, very big. Perhaps AOC can dial it back a bit”

    (+) Included keycap puller and red WASD keys

    (+) Impressively durable, no flexing

    (+) Leather coating feels exceptionally comfortable


    - Unclear font

    - USB passthrough takes up two ports

    - Quick access buttons can't be reassigned

    - Big Red Button doesn't do anything when pressed

    (-) G-Keys at the left side should be larger and more prominent, tricky to hit in the heat of the moment

    (-) Padding inside the wrist rest feels like “cheap crispy crinkly foam”

    Verdict: “AOC’s first attempt at a flagship keyboard is a very good one. The build quality is outstanding, the gaming and typing performance is excellent, and I love the styling (even the chunky dial). Aside from a couple of minor niggles, it’s a superb keyboard. I hope they revise the font on future iterations as it can be a little unclear, I would have preferred a single-port passthrough option, and the quick-action keys should be assignable (Groove music… Bleurgh), but overall I love what AOC has done.

    Performance-wise, the AOC AGON AGK700 gaming keyboard can easily hold its own against the best keyboards out there. Whether you should choose this keyboard against others in the ultra-competitive high-end market should be determined by the aesthetics and compatibility with your other peripherals and monitors. Considering the quality of the AOC products we’ve tested so far, it’s a choice we’d be happy to make.”

    Please find the full review here.

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