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    July 7, 2020

    A terrific 1440p speedster that is great value, and a great performer for shooters", 4.25/5 stars for the AOC AG273QX @ GamesRadar+

    GamesRadar+, a gaming focused website from UK’s renowned Future Publishing house, recently published a review of the AOC AG273QX. The monitor received 4.25/5 stars and the tester titled the review with: "A terrific 1440p speedster that is great value, and a great performer for shooters". Gamesradar also included this model and the AOC G2590FX in a separate article titled “Best G-sync compatible FreeSync monitors”. Here is a short snippet from the AOC G2590FX: “Despite being 'just' a TN panel the AOC G2590FX is a super affordable entry point into high frame rate gaming on an almost bezel-less screen. The loss of viewing angle and really rich colors that a TN panel can give you is compensated by a lightning refresh rate of 144Hz and a zippy 1ms response time. This 25-inch monitor can show off frames fast as your GPU can squeeze them out, no jaggies or input lag permitted, especially as it's got that sweet G-Sync compatibility.”

    Verdict: „All in all, I have seen some slightly sharper pictures upon really close interrogation, but what this AOC monitor offers in way of clarity and sharpness, combined with its other characteristics of speed and colour, means you have a tremendous mix. The resulting image is really very good, all things considered - and that's what matters, going beyond the numbers. […] If you're looking for a 1440p, blisteringly-fast monitor from a quality and reliable - if maybe underrated - maker, then this might be for you. All in, it's built for speed and pace. […] As such, this is for Call of Duty players, competitive Apex players, and those who value movement and pace over other specs. And, as the cherry on top of this cake, it complements Nvidia graphics cards well; indeed, it's one of the best G-Sync compatible FreeSync monitors we've seen. […] Small quibbles about its design and handling of darker shades are pretty easy to overlook too, so this is still one of the best speedster monitors I've tested. A terrific monitor that's all about speed. If you've got a machine to harness the 165Hz refresh rate, then the AG273QX is a great choice of display.”

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