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    July 28, 2020

    AG353UCG is listed as the "Best premium ultrawide gaming monitor" @ (UK)

    UK’s EUROGAMER, a gamer network focused on video game journalism, software and hardware reviews has just updated their best-of report “The best gaming monitor 2020” again, this time including the AG353UCG in the “Best premium ultrawide gaming monitor” section.


    Verdict: „The AOC AG353UCG is the best 1440p ultrawide we've tested, although it is definitely a premium proposition at nearly £2000. For the money, you get a super-smooth 200Hz display that is perfect for fast-paced shooters and racing games, a comfortable 3440x1440 resolution and full G-Sync support to eliminate tearing and judder without the extra input lag associated with standard v-sync. The monitor also supports DisplayHDR 1000, with gorgeous colour reproduction, good contrast and extremely high peak brightness, making it a great choice for viewing HDR content. The AG353UCG is the ultimate peak at the future of display technology, but it'll be at least a few years before you'll find similar specifications on a more affordable panel.“

    Please find the full article here.

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