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    November 12, 2021

    Review: "High refresh 1080p gaming at a price you can afford" - AOC 24G2 @ GamesRadar+

    GamesRadar+, a gaming-focused website from the UK’s renowned Future Publishing house with about 50 million monthly visits, recently published review of the AOC 24G2/24G2U.


    The monitor received 4/5 stars.

    The editor praised its overall package: “High refresh, IPS image quality, adaptive sync, even slim-bezel styling, it’s all there – all the makings of a 1080p contender for best gaming monitor.”

    + Good all-round image quality

    + Really quick response

    + Seriously competitive pricing

    (+) IPS panel for good colour, viewing angles, and pixel response

    (+) Adequate AdobeRGB coverage (91%)

    (+) Adaptive-Sync

    (+) Fully adjustable stand that supports portrait mode

    (+) No visible overshoot in overdrive modes


    - ‘Only’ 1080p resolution

    - No HDR support

    Verdict: „The AOC 24G2 doesn’t break any records or set new standards; the basic package of a 24-inch IPS panel with 144Hz refresh and 1080p native resolution isn’t radical. But at this price point, it does make for a pretty appealing all-purpose gaming package. That’s particularly true given that the AOC 24G2 doesn’t suffer from any obvious flaws. Indeed, if anything the subjective experience in terms of panel speed is better than the 4ms GtG performance claims. Add in the slim-bezel design and decent feature set, including a fully adjustable stand and a good array of inputs, and you have a very competitive overall proposition for the price.“

    Please find the full review here.

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