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    October 11, 2019

    AOC 24G2U titled "The BEST budget gaming monitor" by totallydubbedHD

    TotallydubbedHD, a YouTuber/influencer from the UK focussed on tech reviews and guides has just published one of the first UK reviews of the AOC 24G2U on his channel. He starts the review by stating “I’ve reviewed in excess of a 130+ monitors on YouTube, and this monitor might just be my favourite. And it’s incredible!”

    “So would I recommend this monitor? – if it wasn’t that obvious already – ab-so-lutely! I can’t believe the value for your money you’re getting with this monitor. 24-inch, Full HD, 144 Hz, fantastic IPS panel, what more could you want? It’s incredible! I must say this is one of my favourite all-time gaming monitors and for budget, it’s not often you see a monitor excel so well in every single area. So good job AOC, keep up the great work!”

    Find the full review here.

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