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    November 12, 2021

    AOC AGON PD27 tested by GameStar (DACH)

    GameStar, a gaming-focussed website from Germany from the same publishing house (webedia) as the renowned IGN, just published a review of the AOC AGON Porsche Design PD27.



    + High quality workmanship

    + Solid stand

    + Fast display

    + Hardly any ghosting for a VA panel

    + Very good colour reproduction and picture quality

    (+) 5 W speakers

    (+) Several neatly separated boxes in a classy cardboard box


    - Very high price

    - Strong backlight bleeding on our test device

    Verdict: „The AOC PD27 offers a very fast display with 240 Hertz and 0.5 milliseconds, which convinces with very good colour representation and picture quality. The workmanship is also on a very high level and the stand is second to none. […] The high build quality, the solid base and the well thought-out, elegant packaging of the AOC PD27's accessories immediately took hold of me when I unpacked it. The good picture quality and the hardly any ghosting for a VA panel reinforced this impression during testing. The screen is also responsive and the image display is buttery smooth thanks to the 240 Hertz (provided the graphics card also delivers the necessary FPS). On the negative side, however, I noticed the strong backlight bleeding, which is particularly annoying in dark scenes. However, this does not necessarily apply to all devices in the series, as backlight bleeding can be more pronounced on one monitor and hardly noticeable on another in the same series. The included chrome remote control is a nice gimmick, but I could do without it. If you are looking for an exclusive screen with a noble design and excellent performance data, you will still find what you are looking for here.“

    Please find the full review here.

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