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    July 9, 2021

    AOC and Indigaming revolutionize gaming on the go

    Discover a whole new world of flexibility for your PS5 with AOC and Indigaming’s newest collaboration: the POGA LUX.

    Console gaming is great. On the current PlayStation and Xbox, players constantly enjoy the most breathtaking graphics and high-tier gameplay on the market. The biggest disadvantage playing on your favorite console is that you can’t do it anywhere you please – or can you?

    Manufacturer Indigaming found the perfect solution for you to enjoy your most beloved consoles on the move. Their mobile gaming cases are the ideal way not only to transport your device, but to even fire it up and enjoy your games anywhere you go. Built-in monitors, wiring and optimal heat flow technology make this possible. For the PS5-oriented POGA LUX, Indigaming enhanced their design even further: with a Full-HD monitor by AOC.


    High-end tech and subtle design

    The POGA LUX features the AOC 24G2U/BK monitor, enabling 23.8 inches of color-accurate Full-HD gaming on the go. With its response time of only 1 ms, a 144 Hz refresh rate and built-in speakers, it fulfills all criteria to be the perfect mobile monitor for your PS5 experience. Any wiring to the console is completely seamless and invisible, leaving you with no tangling or cables that could get in the way.

    The new case model allows for the PS5, two controllers as well as the built-in monitor to fit inside. You can either use it for safe transportation or to play with your console while you travel. To do so, the case itself can simply be plugged into a power source and you’re ready to go. Optimized air flow technology prevents any heat from building up inside the case, which leaves no worries to distract you from your in-game performance.

    Using the POGA LUX is not only the most practicable way to transport your PS5, but also the most stylish one. The smooth design of the case doesn’t hint at the valuable technology inside, while also making it easy to handle. The aluminum frame reduces the net weight of the case to a minimum and the removable trolley option facilitates transport even more. Inside, all devices will be safely stored away and ideally protected from any shaking.

    Indigaming and AOC’s new case effectively tackles the immobility of Sony’s bulky next-gen console. The POGA LUX makes playing on the PS5 accessible no matter where players are and even lets them share the experience with other console fans. Even celebrities like singer Chris Brown and the football stars Willian Borges and Mehdi Benatia already approved of Indigaming’s efforts to spread the joy of console gaming. For more information and a chance to order your own case, don’t hesitate to visit Indigaming’s official website.

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