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    May 1, 2020

    AOC gaming monitors #1 worldwide!

    We are proud to announce AOC monitors, defined as having greater than 100Hz or 144Hz refresh rates, achieved the #1 global market share among gaming monitor companies in 2019.

    AOC has developed a broad portfolio of gaming products for all tiers of esports professionals and gaming enthusiasts. We have supported the gaming community for many years by sponsoring tournaments and partnering with esports teams. We find staying true to the spirit of gaming is crucial because we are gamers ourselves. This extends to a professional level as it helps us better understand the community we inhabit. We continuously evolve our products to fit their needs. We find that when our monitors resonate with gamers it's a great endorsement. Gamers and esports athletes view us as a top-notch technology, supporting them in achieving optimal performance.

    A big thanks to our global community, without your trust in our products and your continuous support throughout 2019 we wouldn’t be able to unlock this amazing achievement.

    Stay tuned for more info!

    * IDC Quarterly Gaming Tracker, 2019Q4

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