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    January 20, 2019

    AOC gets ready for Artifact action!

    AOC is moving into digital card games! We have partnered with OGA and others to bring you the OGA Artifact PIT — a premier digital card game tournament featuring some of the best minds around!

    OGA Artifact PIT will see 32 of the world’s greatest Artifact players come together in a battle for the majority of a US $10,000 prize pool — with the winner taking home a cool $4,500.


    The prize pool split is as follows:

    • First: $4,500
    • Second: $2,500
    • Third: $1,800
    • Fourth: $1,200

    Taking place between January 21 and January 26, the players will be split into eight groups of four players. They will navigate a best-of-three round-robin format over four days, with the top two in each group advancing to the single-elimination Playoffs.

    Fans of Artifact will be able to tune into all the action thanks to the tournament live stream, which can be found on Twitch. All Group Stage matches will begin at 16:00 CET.

    The groups are as follows: Group A – Jan 21

    • Hyped
    • Petrify
    • Lifecoach
    • Pavel

    Group B – Jan 21

    • Hoej
    • Melo
    • StanCifka
    • Kozmic

    Group C – Jan 22

    • Freddybabes
    • Swim
    • GameKing
    • Ekop

    Group D – Jan 22

    • Dpmlicious
    • PMayne
    • Feno
    • Wifecoach

    Group E – Jan 23

    • Naiman
    • CHARM3R
    • HotMEOWTH
    • Heffaklumpen

    Group F – Jan 23

    • Gaara
    • SuperJJ
    • ImpetuousPanda
    • LukasBlohon

    Group G – Jan 24

    • XiXo
    • StrifeCro
    • Tomas
    • Myragut

    Group H – Jan 24

    • DouDou
    • JasonZhou
    • LuminousInverse
    • MieGod

    The AOC Gaming AGON AG273QCG and AG273QCX monitors are the ideal choices to bring you the best Artifact experience — whether watching the pro action or playing the game yourself.

    27” curved panels bring up to 165Hz refresh rates and incredible colours, resulting in Artifact’s delicious animations being as crisp and clear as they deserve. You can also choose between G-SYNC (QCG) and FreeSync (QCX) technology for that extra boost in performance.

    Thanks to their curved panels, these monitors truly provide the most immersive viewing experience — whether playing or watching! Not only that — AOC Flicker-Free technology means you’ll also enjoy scrutinising your opponents’ moves in blissful comfort during those long gaming sessions.

    Stay up to date with the OGA Artifact Pit via Facebook and Twitter. Find out more about our products here.

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