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    December 8, 2021

    AOC GH300 - The best cheap 7.1 headset @ Rock Paper Shotgun

    Rock Paper Shotgun, a popular website (over 6 million visits per month) from the UK with game and hardware reviews recently published an article titled “Best PC gaming headsets 2021” and included a review of the AOC GH300.


    The editor titled the section for the AOC GH300 with “The best cheap 7.1 headset”.

    + One of the most affordable 7.1 headsets

    + Generous 50 mm drivers

    + Spacious, well-padded earcups

    + 7.1 works well in shooter, key sound cues are enhanced

    + Good build quality for the money

    + Inline control with large volume dial, mute button and RGB toggle switch


    - 7.1 virtual surround is not recommended for all-purpose, all-genre headsets

    - Inline control is somewhat large and chunky

    Verdict: „[…] If you do want to try out this drama-boosting format (7.1 virtual surround sound), the AOC GH300 is one of the most affordable gaming headsets to support it – and for the money, is a good-sounding set of cans in general.“

    Please find the full article here.

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