AOC is the proud sponsor of Red Bull Guardians and Red Bull Kumite!

AOC teams up with Red Bull Guardians and Red Bull Kumite to present unique Dota 2 and Street Fighter V experiences!


Dota 2 innovation with Red Bull Guardians

Taking place this weekend, Red Bull Guardians is a custom Dota 2 event the likes of which the world has not seen before. Held at the Red Bull Gaming Sphere in London, one of Europe’s premier esports locations, four teams from four different regions will come together to do battle.

Mineski will represent Southeast Asia while Europe have Team Lithium as its gladiators. One of South America’s best teams, paiN Gaming, will be joined by their North American colleagues Rooons. In a totally unique type of match, the pro players on show will be able to select three extra heroes per draft to be used as substitutes. Those heroes will be able to enter the game on a three-minute individual cooldown and will retain the gold and experience of their predecessors. This will certainly allow for some truly innovative strategies and thrilling action.

Speed and performance for Dota 2 pros

Dota 2 requires total concentration and lightning-fast reaction times, so to ensure the players have the best equipment available, we are supplying them with the AOC AGON AG241QG.


This premium gaming monitor boasts a 165Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time, and Quad HD resolution. With its high-speed display and elegant design, this is truly a monitor for both pros and aspiring competitive players alike.

Stutter and screen tearing are a thing of the past thanks to NVIDIA’s G-SYNC technology. In a game where every frame matters, the AG241QG offers the kind of performance that every pro player needs.

The world’s best fighters take to the cage

The best and most prestigious Street Fighter V players in the world will face each other on November 11th at the Salle Wagram in the beautiful city of Paris.

Before the world elite enters the stage in the main event, several qualifiers will be played all around the world. These lead to the Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ), held the day before the main event in Paris. The two best players will make it to the main event. They will get a chance to prove themselves against 14 of the best professional players in the world who will be invited to the tournament.

Street Fighter action in Quad HD resolution

To make sure that the players can give their best and enjoy the competition, we are providing them with the AOC AGON AG271QX. That means: 27” full of power, Quad HD resolution, a 1ms response time, and a 144Hz refresh rate – a perfect fit for fighting games.


With the AG271QX supporting Adaptive-Sync technology, tearing, stuttering, and input lag are no longer a hindrance. The AGON line’s high standards are taking gaming experience to a new level.

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