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    November 30, 2018

    AOC presents the AGON PUBG Challenge

    We proudly entered the Battle Royale arena in September, and the journey does not end there. Today we are happy to announce our partnership with Esports Connect for the AGON PUBG Challenge.

    Starting this week, the AGON PUBG Challenge creates new possibilities for players from all over the world. In four exciting qualifiers, soon-to-be-pros have the chance to team up with a friend to prove their skill and determination as a duo.

    Registration for the qualifiers starts on 29 November and runs until 11 December. The real action begins a day later with the first tournament. The second follows immediately on 14 December, with the final events on 16 and 18 December. The ten best duos from each tournament qualify for the prestigious final on 20 December, which promises lots of top-quality action and great prizes.

    Players will have the chance to make names for themselves since the event will be cast by two famous PUBG commentators: Alexander 'sunje22' Yutkin and Roman 'Zoom' Makhyov. In addition, several popular bloggers and streamers will be part of the event.

    A reward of 657 EUR (50,000 RUB) in prize money awaits the victors. Second place takes home 460 EUR (35,000 RUB), and the third duo takes home 197 EUR (15,000 RUB). All competitors will also receive a ten percent discount on one of the best gaming monitors on the market — the AG241QX.

    Competitive FPS games such as PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS require peak performance from players and equipment alike. The AG241QX is equipped with all the essential features needed for you to reach your highest potential in any esports title.


    The ultra-fast TN panel — with its 1ms response time and crystal-clear 2560x1440 resolution —makes for a fast, precise gameplay experience. Stuttering and unwanted motion blur are a thing of the past thanks to the innovative Adaptive-Sync technology, making the AG241QX the perfect monitor for professionals, competitive gamers and casual players.

    You can find more information regarding the tournament here:

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