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    May 13, 2019

    AOC teams up with Red Bull

    What happens when two esports titans join powers? Esports events at the highest level you can imagine.

    Get ready for a year of esports excellence, as two of the world’s biggest esports brands, AOC and Red Bull, come together and combine their strengths. Starting now, eleven big local esports events powered by Red Bull in 2019 will be supported with cutting-edge monitors by AOC. In addition, ten Red Bull Player One events are sponsored by AOC in the near future.

    Both sides are well known veterans in esports looking to deepen their long-standing involvement with the scene by facilitating one another. As a team, AOC and Red Bull will try and push the envelope of professional esports experiences for both players and fans alike.

    The newly formed partnership will ensure that Red Bull’s premier esports events are equipped with the appropriate gear for the highest level of competition. Tournaments series like Red Bull Player One or Red Bull Strijders will be supported by AOC over the entire course of the remaining year.

    At Red Bull Player One events all provided 24-inch models will boast a 144Hz refresh rate as well as a lightning-fast reaction time of 1ms. Combined with their high-end resolution of up to 2560x1440 pixels, our monitors will live up to any tournament standard out there. The AOC monitors give players a maximum of flexibility as well as mobility and will ensure to get the best personal gaming experience in every circumstance.

    On top of that a lot more AOC monitors will be featured at events like CS:GO Flick, where players can enjoy playing on AGON AG251FZ and experience an excellent and smooth gameplay thanks to its Adaptive-Sync technology and the refresh rate of up to 240 Hz .


    Source: Red Bull Kumite

    The next Red Bull offline events

    • April 27th until June 22 th 2019: LoL Red Bull Player One – Spain
    • May 18th 2019: CS:GO Flick – Turkey
    • July 27th 2019: LoL Red Bull Player One – Germany

    Check the full list of tournaments here.

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