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    March 23, 2020

    AOC's ultimate guide to choosing the best monitor for you

    Choosing the right monitor isn’t that confusing if you know what you want. Luckily, AOC offers a monitor for any kind of gamer. In our guide we show you which parameters are important for you individually, and which monitor may suit you best.

    Which model you choose really depends on the games you are going to play on it. Competitive gamers and FPS junkies need a different display than for instance RPG or AAA aficionados – not to mention racing game fanatics who are an entirely different breed when it comes to monitor choice.

    Here is a detailed graphic that helps you to make the right choice. Below this graphic you’ll find some general rules you should keep in mind when looking for a monitor that suits your needs.

    Determining the optimal size

    Bigger is not always better. Monitors for competitive games shouldn’t be too large. A screen bigger than 27” can be counterproductive, as you have to move your eyes a lot to catch every detail. Not only can the constant need to move your eyes negatively impact your performance but also cause eye strain.

    If you are more into story-driven games that excel in creating a beautiful, believable world you want to immerse into, choose bigger screens. Optimally, you’ll want to aim for a display size between 27-35”.

    Resolution: Have a look at your graphics card

    If you want to buy a large screen, you should have the capabilities of your graphics card in mind too. The higher the resolution, the more powerful your GPU has to be, else you’ll have a “grainy” image quality.

    If you want to find out more about resolutions, read the following article.

    All AOC monitors also feature G-Sync and FreeSync compatibility, optimising the collaboration between your graphics card and monitor to the max. This technology prevents screen tearing which is a result when your GPU and display are not perfectly aligned with one another.

    You can find more information about G-sync and Freesync here.

    Be faster than your opponents!

    If you like to play FPS and other competitive games, you benefit massively from a monitor with a high frame rate and response time. The refresh rate determines how often your monitor displays a new image per second. A fast refresh rate is key in competitive games such as Overwatch and Counter-Strike where fast movements decide over victory and defeat. Monitors for these games should have a refresh rate of 144Hz or more.

    More information about refresh rates here.

    A low response time is another key factor you should look out for when playing competitively. It describes the time a pixel needs to change from one state into another. Generally speaking, the lower the response rate, the less “ghosting” effects will occur – which describes the phenomenon when you see the bits of the old image in the current one.

    TN, VA, IPS: What does it mean?

    Twisted Nematic (TN) panels usually feature the best response time, however they come with drawbacks in colour saturation. They are best in lightning-fast games like FPS. In-Plane Switching (IPS) panels are slower but offer a spectacular colour gamut. IPS excels in colourful, true-to-life sceneries.

    Vertical Alignment (VA) panels have a great balance between response time and colour saturation, placing them in between TN and IPS. Their contrast ratio is unparalleled thanks to their ability to produce a darker black than the other panels. VA models are allrounders and excel in darker settings of horror games for example.

    HDR for true-to-life pictures

    High Dynamic Range (HDR) denotes the brightness levels of your display. A high HDR rating delivers deeper colour saturation, more diverse contrast, brighter highlights, and darker shadows. Simply put, HDR provides more realistic and lifelike pictures.

    This feature is especially important when you play AAA titles and other story-driven, atmospheric games like RPGs and MMORPGs.

    Read about the advantages of HDR in gaming here.

    Immerse into your game

    Curved monitors offer another level of immersion. These models are capable of showing pictures that are closer to the natural human field of view, which is curved rather than flat. Thereby these screens create a more believable environment.

    While curved monitors are especially popular with racing game fans and RPG lovers, competitive players often prefer flat monitors. However, if you belong to the first two groups, a curved display will definitely be an upgrade to your gaming experience.

    Do you want to know what a curved monitor can do for your gaming experience? Find out here.

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