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    November 15, 2021

    "AOC have done a fantastic job" - AGON AGK700 @ totallydubbedHD (UK)

    totallydubbedHD, a YouTuber/influencer from the UK focussed on tech reviews and guides has just published a review of the AGON AGK700 keyboard on his channel.


    + Very good gaming performance Cherry MX Red switches

    + N-key rollover

    + Full aluminium frame resistant to flexing

    + Included soft wrist rest, magnetically attached

    + Nice, clicky, red volume wheel

    + USB pass-through

    + Rubberised keyboard riser

    + Included key puller and red WASD keys

    + Individually lit RGB keys

    + No springy sound

    + Macro manager and game profiles in the G-Tools software


    - Keycaps don’t feel as well made as some competitors, but still perfectly fine

    - Programmable G keys can be accidentally pressed instead of Ctrl key

    - Placement of the top right media keys is not ideal

    - USB pass-through could’ve been USB 3.0 instead of USB 2.0

    - 1.8 m, non detachable cable length might be short for some setups and problematic when transporting

    - Competitors offer more customisation in regards to programmable keys

    Verdict: “Well, frankly on the whole I think AOC have done a fantastic job. It’s got a great overall build quality and design. It’s got the dedicated G-Keys on the left hand side. It’s got a built-in wrist rest which comes included. It’s got a key puller with extra keys as well. It’s got RGB lights, fantastic Cherry MX switches and a software that’s pretty comprehensive. Frankly there’s very little to dislike about it. Other than let’s say the price or potentially the fact that the keys could’ve been a little bit more spaced out (including the G keys) and the fact that the keycaps could’ve been slightly better build quality. Now, frankly, I think it’s a good alternative (to HyperX Elite Alloy 2). As such, I can definitely see myself recommending the AGK700 and it gets my “Best Buy” award.”

    Please find the full review here.

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