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    May 7, 2020

    "Editor's Choice" award and recommendation for the AOC CQ27G2U @ eTeknix

    "Editor's Choice" award and recommendation for the AOC CQ27G2U @ eTeknix


    „I do like this monitor, and well, that’s hardly surprising. I reviewed the AOC 27G2U 144Hz FreeSync monitor four months ago and awarded that with our Gamers Choice Award. It’s basically the same monitor but with a 1080p screen. This new one has a higher resolution, and supports Adaptive Sync, and doesn’t cost too much more. For that, I just love it even more as personally, 1080p is just a little too far down the food chain for my needs, but 1440p is plenty. […] Build quality, it’s actually really good, and they’ve done a great job of delivering a slim bezel, a clean mounting stand, and nice weighted design. […] It really is the sum of its parts, it’s a nicely built monitor, and then they’ve stuck in a pretty great panel. Colour accuracy out of the box was really good, and right on the specifications we were promised. […] At this price range, there’s a lot of choice on the market. However, with a good panel size, 144hz refresh rate, Adaptive Sync, curved display, decent colours, and a few other bonus features, the AOC CQ27G2U 27″ is very competitive!“

    Please find the full review here.

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