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    May 6, 2020

    Extensive and very good review of AOC AG273QZ @ TFT Central Reviews

    TFT Central, a blog from the UK, focussed specifically on monitors with mostly technical and extremely detailed reviews just published a long review of the AOC AGON AG273QZ. The tester compared the AG273QZ to the other WQHD 240 Hz displays on the market, such as Lenovo Legion Y27GQ and HP Omen X 27.


    The tester concluded that the AG273QZ didn’t push the response times as fast as some other TN displays, but where they suffer from moderate or high levels of overshoot (inverse ghosting), the AG273QZ had none (with Overdrive “Medium” setting), which is a better balance, he said. Motion clarity at the upper end of 240 Hz was great.

    Verdict: “The AG273QZ is one of only three models currently released with a 2560 x 1440 resolution and 240Hz and that's a significant improvement over 1080p, especially on a screen this size. […] It was great to see that combo offered here. […] For gaming the screen performed very well, with good response times, no overshoot, very low lag and support for VRR from both NVIDIA and AMD systems. Response times were not pushed quite as fast as some other TN Film displays, although this did mean that the normal moderate to high levels of overshoot that appear on those other models was not a problem here at all. All things considered this is probably a better balance we felt. […] The added MBR mode was also welcome, and worked pretty well with a decent amount of control offered. […] You do of course have to live with some of the inherent limitations of TN Film with this screen, with the viewing angles being particularly restrictive on this display. The off-angle purple hue was distracting on darker content for instance. The contrast ratio was also weak, common on TN Film panels, but many can reach higher so it was a shame that it was so low here. […] Although as a gaming screen the wide gamut will be attractive to many. These were just a few areas that could have been better and tweaked to allow more versatile usage away from gaming.”

    Please find the full review here.

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