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    November 12, 2021

    Review: "Fantastic performance" - AGON PRO AG254FG @ totallydubbedHD

    totallydubbedHD, a YouTuber/influencer from the UK focussed on tech reviews and guides has just published a review of the AGON PRO AG254FG on his channel.  


    + 360 Hz refresh rate

    + Absolutely no input lag

    + Seriously impressive overall gaming performance, can be used for competitive gaming, eSports and any hardcore gamer

    + Spectacular 24.5“ IPS panel with 95.5% sRGB coverage

    + Built-in G-SYNC module with 1-360 Hz VRR range

    + Combination of 360 Hz, HDR400 and G-SYNC works flawless

    + Nvidia ULMB support

    + Nvidia Reflex Latency Analyzer

    + Good responsiveness, only a little bit of inverse ghosting in the “Strong” overdrive mode, but not super noticable

    + Absolutely excellent colour accuracy with an average DeltaE of 0.63 and a maximum DeltaE of 2.03

    + Perfectly acceptable contrast ratio of 1014:1

    + 444 nits top brightness

    + sRGB mode doesn’t limit overall brightness

    + Faultless design

    + Height, tilt, swivel and pivot adjustable stand

    + Pretty impressive built-in speakers with lively sound thanks to DTS sound

    + VESA mount option

    + Good and comprehensive OSD with joystick or wired controller for navigating

    + Logo projector and RGB Light FX with generous customization

    + Monitor hood included


    - Very high price of 700 pounds – too much for a Full HD display

    - Somewhat finicky and lengthy setup for Nvidia Reflex Latency analyzer, needs a supported mouse

    - No real advantage to having the latency analyzer

    - IPS bleed is present – but not distracting

    - Brightness uniformity is decent, but not great

    Verdict: “Well, it does great across the board: Fantastic gaming performance, image quality, build quality, and design, and also OSD. Of course the cherry on top is the Nvidia Reflex Analyzer tool. Now the problem is that it comes in at 700 pounds, which is a lot of money to ask for a Full HD panel. Even the 390 Hz monitor from Acer that came in at 420-450 pounds simply didn't make sense to me. Of course if you're someone who has got a lot of money to spend, and you really want those latency numbers, than you are going to have to fork out that money for this type of monitor. If that's not something that you're too bothered about, consider some other monitors on the market, be it 240 Hz or the 390 Hz Acer that I previously referenced.”

    Please find the full review here.

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