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    January 29, 2019

    Fast, faster, AGON 3: Welcome to the newest generation of the AGON series

    AOC is known for high-quality products. With every release we push the boundaries and present some of the best gaming monitors available. Now it is time to introduce our newest creation: The super-fast curved gaming displays AGON 3.


    AG273QCX / AG273QCG

    The curved AG273QCG and AG273QCX monitors present the newest generation of the renowned AGON series. Equipped with outstanding technology, both displays have been designed to help competitive gamers achieve their goals.

    Immerse yourself in fast-paced gameplay

    With 1ms of response time of the AG273QCG, gamers never have to worry about not reacting in time. The refresh rate of up to 165Hz combined with the G-SYNC technology ensures peak performance and a fluid gameplay experience no matter the game. And as a great addition, the new modern design of AG273QCG with RGB lights in the back won the "Red Dot Design Award 2018".

    Equally impressive, the AG273QCX features a response time of 1ms, paired with a remarkable refresh rate of 144Hz, shadow control and a high brightness as well as AMD FreeSync 2 HDR for even better colour accuracy in any game.

    These two AGON 3 displays were highly appraised by press at gamescom 2018 and will be available on physical and virtual shelves for gamers to enjoy starting January 2019.

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