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    October 17, 2019

    "Gamers Choice Award" following comprehensive test of the AOC CQ32G1 by eTeknix, a technology and review website from the UK recently published a fairly extensive review of the AOC CQ32G1. The monitor received their “Gamers Choice Award”.

    “It’s a well-balanced mixture of a big panel, with high refresh rates, FreeSync, a 1ms response, and a good resolution. You’d have to be a pretty hardware monitor enthusiast to turn your nose up at any of that. […] They’ve hit the market perfectly to be very competitive. The contrast levels are really good, and there are no noticeable issues with light bleeding or torching in the corners. […] Honestly, I can’t think of another panel that’s better for the same money. You could likely find a lot of similar ones though. However, AOC has a great reputation behind them. A tiny bezel, a big panel, and fantastic gaming performance. At a little over £300, the CQ32G1 is going to be a tough one to beat.”

    Find the full review here.

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