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    November 12, 2021

    Gold award for the AGON AGK700 keyboard! @ MOD-YOUR-CASE (DACH)

    Germany’s Mod Your Case, a review and IT news website has reviewed the AGON AGK700 keyboard and gave it a very good rating of 8.5/10 points. Further, the model received their Gold award!



    + Comprehensive software

    + Rubberised underside

    + Workmanship

    + Magnetically fixable palm rest included in delivery

    + Dedicated macro and function keys

    + Pass-through USB port


    - Macro and function keys only illuminated red

    - Macro and function keys are lower than the rest of the keys

    - USB ports not labelled

    Verdict: „With the AGON AGK700, the manufacturer AOC, known for its monitors, has a gaming keyboard in its range, which did not always show its best side in our test. Thanks to the built-in aluminium upper side, in which mechanical and RGB illuminated CHERRY MX switches are embedded, the keyboard not only makes a robust impression, but the AGON AGK700 also makes quite an impression visually due to this construction. The most striking design feature, however, is the built-in volume control, which is not only particularly large, but also in a very unusual place. Unfortunately, AOC did not provide the keyboard with any multimedia control buttons besides the volume control in the middle of the upper edge of the case and a mute button on the upper right edge of the keyboard. Thanks to the dedicated macro keys, which, like the other function keys, are unfortunately more complex and smaller than the built-in CHERY MX switches, the keyboard offers a good range of functions in combination with the software provided and the five integrated profiles. In terms of handling, the AGON AGK700 gaming keyboard scores not only with a high number of rubberised feet, but also with a removable and softly padded palm rest. The keyboard's range of functions is further extended with the looped-through USB port. Unfortunately, however, the two connections of the neatly sleeved connection cable are not equipped with suitable labelling. The price of the largely cleanly manufactured AGON AGK700 gaming keyboard is currently just under 125 €*. In addition to the version with red CHERRY MX switches that we used in this review, the AGON AGK700 is also available with blue CHERRY MX switches.“

    Scope of delivery 9.5/10

    Workmanship 8.0/10

    Range of functions 9.0/10

    Ease of use 7.5/10

    Modding 9.0/10

    Price 8.0/10


    Please find the full review here.

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