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    May 29, 2020

    Good review - "One of the most colour accurate 240 Hz monitors out there" for C27G2ZU @ totallydubbedHD

    The tester is very impressed with the gaming credentials (240 Hz, low input lag mode, high responsiveness) and the colour accuracy in sRGB mode, but subjectively he noticed some motion blur when testing CS:GO. Switching the MBR setting at 100% to eliminate it dropped the brightness too much, according to him. Overall, he didn’t seem to rate the monitor on par with other premium 240 Hz monitors.


    „In terms of its gaming credentials, the monitor does well, don't get me wrong. It's got all the right specs and in terms of colour accuracy actually does pretty well. But in terms of your real-world experience with your own eyes and your own response in terms of how the monitor responds what you'll find is that the monitor doesn't quite do as well as more premium grade 240 Hz monitors. This monitor doesn't tick the same boxes as more expensive 240 Hz monitors. It was interesting to see how amazingly this monitor responds and how fantastic its input lag is and also the fact that it's got the good colour accuracy right out the box and checks all the calibrator reports, but when it comes to real world experience this is where calibrators really can't give you the same sort of experience. […] It is one of the cheapest 240 Hz monitors available. Should you buy it? Well that's completely up to you. But personally if I was looking for a 240 Hz monitor I would spend more money and get a more premium grade 240 Hz monitor.“

    Please find the full review here.

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