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    March 16, 2020

    The best gaming monitor 2020 incl. AOC 24G2U & AOC CU34G2X @ EUROGAMER

    UK’s EUROGAMER, a gamer network focused on video game journalism, software and hardware reviews has just published their best-of report “The best gaming monitor 2020”.

    “This titanic monitor provides a suitably immersive experience, with its 34-inch span wrapping into the corners of your peripheral vision. Ideal for both slower-paced and fast-paced games. We were particularly impressed with this monitor during night scenes in Metro Exodus, with deep inky blacks that really sold the experience of creeping through a mutant-infested wasteland on the shores of the Caspian Sea.”

    “For mixed use that includes web browsing, content creation and gaming, it's hard to argue against IPS as the best mix of features, especially as these panels have become more affordable. For fast-paced multiplayer games, high refresh rate monitors make it easier to track moving targets and hit those headshots.”

    Please find the full reviews here.

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