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    June 26, 2020

    "HEXUS APPROVED" seal for the AOC C27G2ZU @, a hardware review website from the UK has just published a review of the AOC C27G2ZU on its website. The monitor received the “Approved” seal from HEXUS.


    „AOC targets the high-refresh crowd with its new C27G2ZU. Offering a 240Hz refresh rate in a curved 27in panel, the monitor fulfils its promise of super-silky, tear-free action at a common full-HD resolution, and does so at a price point that few competitors can match. Those attributes alone will be enough to convince some pro gamers, however do be aware of the inherent limitations. Ghosting is very much evident at the headline speed, peak brightness of just under 300 nits can be deemed basic, and while 1080p bodes well for high-fps gaming, the native resolution lacks clarity and sharpness during everyday work. Bottom line: the AOC C27G2ZU is worth a closer look at £299, but only if you prioritise high refresh rates above all else.“

    Please find the full review here.

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