Highlights of gamescom 2018

gamescom 2018 has been quite the experience so far: long days chock-full of gaming excellence with your favorite players and talents, tons of loot and the best gaming monitors out there.


The AOC Gaming booth in Hall 10.1 E-041 has had a constant coming and going of illustrious personalities. League of Legends stars Johnny, Maxim and Sola, as well as legends of CS:GO in kennyS and shox, dropped by to meet the fans!

However, they weren’t the only icons at the AOC booth. Our lineup of gaming monitors has also been present and a select few visitors were even able to get a glimpse of our all-new AGON 3 Series. It’s fair to say that jaws were dropped.

Check out our highlights of AOC at gamescom 2018 below.

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AGON 3 @gamescom

Day 1 - VLOG

Day 2 - VLOG

Day 3 - VLOG

Day 4 - VLOG

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