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    January 13, 2021

    Mad Lions and AOC agree to new partnership

    January 13, 2021 (MADRID, ESP) -- MAD Lions announced today a new partnership with AOC International (AOC) as their Official Gaming Monitor partner for MAD Lions Madrid. This collaboration will see MAD Lions players gain a competitive edge with top-notch, high performance AOC gaming monitors. The partnership will also include key AOC products in future content and social media pieces to introduce and better integrate the AOC and MAD Lions communities.

    As the premier esports and lifestyle brand in Spain, MAD Lions’ profile of partners continues to grow, and AOC becomes the latest partner to join the family.

    “We are all very excited about the addition of AOC to our partnership roster. AOC will provide our players with exceptional monitor displays, as we continue to work hard to compete and bring more championships home to Spain,” said Jorge Schnura, Co-Founder and President of the MAD Lions.

    "The partnership with MAD Lions is a great opportunity for AOC to support and get closer to the Spanish gaming and esports community. We are all very happy about working together with such a great esports organization and look forward to all the great things we can achieve together," added Stefan Sommer, Marketing and Business Management Director at AOC Europe.

    As MAD Lions Madrid players vie for the crown in Spain once again, this time they are doing so with a sharper view on the path to the top, thanks to AOC monitors. AOC product will feature throughout the MAD Lions High Performance Centre in Madrid and through comprehensive branding in practice areas and use during official tournament games.

    About MAD Lions:

    MAD Lions was born in 2017 as an esports club that, with its name, (MAD: Madrid; Lions: Lions of the Cybele) aims to become a world reference team in Madrid. Almost four years later, it has become one of the most relevant clubs in the esports industry in Spain and worldwide.

    Founded by Jorge Schnura and Marcos Eguillor, and with Willyrex and Vegetta777 as partners, it is a club that competes in League of Legends in LEC and Superliga Orange in addition to CS: GO in Flashpoint. MAD Lions represents Hispanic passion and is governed by the values of Passion for Life, Passion for Gaming.

    About AOC International:

    AOC is a global leader in monitor display technology. For more than 50 years, AOC has delivered an exceptional viewing experience to millions of loyal customers worldwide. Today, the company offers a wide selection of stylish monitors for home, office or gaming in more than 120 countries worldwide. AOC is a brand of TPV Technology Limited, the world’s largest LCD monitor manufacturer.

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