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    July 7, 2022

    Mini-LED explained: benefits and more

    Video and computer games these days have been incorporating better and better graphics and animation, and with these developments, monitors to play these games on have had to keep pace with the improved images that are being produced. One recent advancement in monitors is Mini-LED backlighting. It’s a technology that’s been utilized for a while in high-end televisions, but its costs are finally decreasing to the point where it’s starting to be built into consumer monitors that are designed for applications like gaming. In fact, very soon, it’s expected that Mini-LED backlighting will become the new benchmark by which gaming-specific monitors are measured.

    New Mini-LED monitors come to the market

    Slowly, as some companies started using Mini-LED backlighting in products like laptop computers, the pricing of this technology decreased as much as seven-fold in the span of two years — to the point where, by now, select consumer monitors — including monitors made for video and computer gaming specifically — are beginning to make use of it.

    Mini-LED backlighting improves displays by delivering more contrast and adding brightness. This increased contrast usually means that a Mini-LED-backlit display can accept a high dynamic range (HDR) signal that will take advantage of this capability.

    For gamers, this is particularly beneficial, as HDR allows for a much wider and more accurate color gamut to be used, along with a better contrast ratio and improved peak brightness. Each of these qualities brings onscreen images much closer to the way game creators originally intended them to look.

    AOC Begins to Use Mini-LED Backlighting in Its Gaming Monitors

    AOC is starting to actively deploy Mini-LED backlighting in its displays designed for gaming. AOC currently produces three models of gaming-specific monitors that utilize Mini-LED backlighting, each of which incorporates HDR inputs: the AGON PRO AG274QXM, the AGON PRO AG274QZM and the AGON PD32M.

    The AGON PRO AG274QXM is a 27-inch model with a super-fast refresh rate of 170 Hz for smooth character and object animation with scant image ghosting or tearing effects, while the AGON PRO AG274QZM is also 27 inches and possesses an even better ultra-fast refresh rate of 240 Hz. Both models have a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels and boast Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) DisplayHDR 1000 certification. The just released AG344UXM is the first 21:9 MiniLED monitor in the world with an anti-glare coated display and a real HDR1000 experience thanks to local dimming. In short – a guarantee for a breathtaking and immersive gaming experience. Meanwhile, the AGON PD32M is a sleek 31.5-inch monitor with 3840 x 2160 resolution that was conceived by automotive and luxury product design studio Porsche Design. The PD32M comes with a speedy 144 Hz refresh rate, DisplayHDR 1400 certification and a low-blue-light mode for marathon gaming sessions








    UWQHD (21:9)



    Max Refresh Rate





    HDR VESA Certified






    USB-C, HDMI2.1

    USB-C, HDMI2.1

    USB-C, HDMI2.1


    These three models are the first AOC monitors to incorporate Mini-LED backlighting, but more are planned for release later this year. AOC has recently made gaming a high-priority category, so additional gaming-specific monitors that use this technology can be expected shortly.

    The Benefits of Mini-LED for Gamers

    Mini-LED backlighting brings 100% sRGB coverage for all your games. Improved peak brightness, better contrast, a wider color gamut and more colors used onscreen, result in richer images and on-screen characters for gamers. More colors mean more stimulation for your eyes, which means faster game-play reaction times and higher scores. The same holds true for a better contrast ratio; if the contrast is increased, it will be easier for your eyes to discern game elements from one another — your mind will be able to process these elements more rapidly, and you’ll be able to play games more successfully. Improved peak brightness has much the same effect; your eyes will be able to see things they didn’t see before, and you’ll notice game enemies, dangers and bonus items quicker. Your gaming actions will be more effective, and your play will improve.

    In short, AOC is bringing the latest technological benchmark for gaming monitors to its product lineup, and gamers will be the ones to benefit. Mini-LED backlighting will let you experience both the games you play today and the ones you’ll play in the future in the best way possible; when you play these games on a new monitor from AOC, look forward to going further, faster and higher than you’ve ever gone before.

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