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    September 3, 2020

    “Must Have” award and 9/10 stars for AOC C27G2ZU 27in 240Hz Curved Gaming Monitor @ KitGuru

    UK’s KitGuru, a popular technology website with an average of 2 million monthly visitors, just published a review of the AOC C27G2ZU on their website. The website awarded the C27G2ZU the “Must Have” award and 9/10 stars. Kitguru also updated their article shortlisting the “Best monitors of 2020”, mentioning the C27G2ZU among four other monitors.

    “The AOC C27G2ZU is a superb gaming screen at a very reasonable price. If you primarily play FPS games, we couldn’t recommend it more highly. Image quality is superb, and frame rates are smooth as silk – assuming your graphics card can deliver them. If you calibrate this screen, the colour accuracy is amongst the best monitors we’ve tested, but there’s no need as it’s great to start with. […] Overall, though, for less than £310, this monitor delivers top-end gaming performance for a very keen price. If you’re looking for a high-refresh Full HD curved screen, the AOC C27G2ZU delivers performance in spades. […] The AOC C27G2ZU delivers 240 Hz Full HD gaming in a curved format at a decent price, with excellent colour accuracy and screen uniformity. Highly recommended.”

    Find the full review here.

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