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    September 18, 2020

    "Objectively, this monitor is truly amazing" 4/5 stars for AOC AG273QZ from TechteamGB

    UK’s TechteamGB, home of all kinds of technology reviews recently published a review of the AOC AG273QZ on their website as well as on their YouTube channel. The monitor received 4/5 stars.

    The tester found the monitor objectively amazing in terms of responsiveness and a smooth gaming experience, but questioned the audience the monitor is aimed at, since it is hard to get 240 frames per second in 1440p resolution in most games with the current GPUs. He also noted the negligible difference compared to 144 Hz or 165 Hz displays. The tester finally praised the G2 line-up as well.

    Verdict: „Objectively, this monitor is truly amazing. 1440p at 240 Hz is definitely unique, and the panel is incredibly fast […] For your money, you get one of the fastest TN panels I’ve seen, and buttery, buttery smooth gameplay. […] Besides the wow factor of having a 1440p 240 Hz monitor, I'm not really sure who it's for? If you're a truly competitive gamer who can make use of the 240 Hz, then I would assume you would go and buy a 1080p 240 Hz monitor, as then you can guarantee you'll actually be getting that fps at all times in all games. Or you can go and buy the new 360 Hz displays that are slowly rolling out. If you're a semi-competitive gamer then I'm not sure you could really justify the trade-offs that this has over a potentially cheaper and certainly a nicer experience with a VA or an IPS monitor instead. […] Their [AOC’s] G2 line-up is just an absolutely insane value for money, the quality is certainly up there and you get a really nice display. But with this one, the user experience at least for someone who is very well used to VA and IPS 1440p high refresh rate monitors, just doesn't seem quite as good.“

    Please find the full written review here and the video review here.

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