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    July 28, 2020

    "Perfect dual arm for a clean and adjustable setup" and 9/10 points for the AOC AD110D0 @ total gaming addicts

    total gaming addicts, a gaming focused website recently published a very good review of the AOC AD110D0 dual arm. The monitor arm received 9/10 points. The tester reviewed it with two AOC Q27G2U. The tester is impressed with the built and quality of the monitor arm, noting: “The AOC AD110D0 is a dual monitor arm and is one of the most impressive mounting solutions I have had the pleasure of using. I have tried a fair few cheaper options found on Amazon and other sites, but nothing has come close to the quality and reliability of the AD110D0.”

    Verdict: „ […] I have been using the AD110D0 for a few weeks now with 2 of AOCs wicked 27 inch Q27G2Us and it has not shown any sign of budging. I have given the desk a vigorous shaking and they wobble a minimal amount but bar that they are dead set in place, not even a millimetre of movement. […] The AD110D0 is an excellent option for anyone looking to clear up some space on their desk or just wants to have the movement and flexibility of mounted monitors. It has more variation possibilities than the stands included with most monitors and it will make your whole setup look a million times better. Cable routing for the monitor connection is far easier and tidier, and the cables for desk-bound peripherals are no longer hindered by the presence of a stand. Beyond that, my second monitor can now hover over my Xbox where it would not have been able to before.“

    Please find the full review here.

    Find more details about AD110D0 here.

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