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    November 12, 2021

    "Price-performance tip" award: The AOC GH300 @ PC Games Hardware (DACH)

    PC Games Hardware, a German print and online magazine focused on hardware, related to the renowned PC Games magazine, recently published a group test of 9 headsets in the same issue as the AG273QXP review, and included a short review of the AOC GH300


    The headset received a grade of 1.82/6 (lower is better) and ranked 7th among the models. The GH300 also received the “Price-Performance tip” award from the magazine!

    The editor started the group test by praising the AOC GH200 and GH300: “The market for headsets is growing and growing - obviously sound is a worthwhile business for gamers. With the display and monitor manufacturer AOC, another well-known manufacturer has entered the segment. The headset is offered in two versions, GH200 is the jack version, while the GH300 is the headset with RGB lighting and surround sound. AOC has obviously done adequate research, the GH300 ticks practically all the important points for a modern gaming headset. For the relatively low price of just under 50 euros, the AOC product offers many qualities and a decent sound that is quite suitable for listening to music in addition to gaming, if the ear does not demand too much fidelity or listens primarily to operettas and complex jazz music.”


    + Very good price-performance ratio

    + Comfortable

    + Many software settings


    - None

    Verdict: “Successful headset premiere from the display manufacturer: Another manufacturer enters the stage to win over audio fans with sound capabilities - with the GH300, this could indeed succeed, because the headset, available for just under 50 euros, is not only very comfortable, it also sounds pleasingly good. The 50-mm drivers slightly emphasise the somewhat spongy and not too nimble kick bass and the treble. The mids, including the frequencies important for vocals and tracking, are a little in the background. Despite the emphasis of a gaming headset, the tuning is still relatively balanced, and the sound is also quite detailed for the price range. The AOC GH300 is also suitable for listening to not too complex, subtle music. Pop and rock songs, for example, sound quite acceptable. The plastic parts make a somewhat cheap impression, but the brushed aluminium suspension is a special feature for the low price. The large leatherette cushions and the lushly padded headband are also very soft, pleasant to the touch and make a clean impression in terms of quality. The comfort is also very high thanks to the huge, snug ear pads. At 300 grams, the GH300 is quite light and stays comfortably on the head even after hours. However, it does get quite warm under the large leatherette cushions. The microphone is convincing, the voice is recorded naturally and quite cleanly, only with plosives and sibilants it shows small weaknesses. The AOC Audio Center, which is based on the Xear software, offers a variety of settings.”

    Equipment (20%): 1.97

    Properties (20%): 1.58

    Performance (60%): 1.84

    Score: 1.82

    Price-Performance: Very good

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