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    November 12, 2021

    Recommended Award for the AOC U28G2XU @ HEXUS (UK), a hardware review website from the UK with more than 610 thousand monthly visits has just published a review of the AOC U28G2XU on its website. The monitor received the “HEXUS Recommended” award!


    The tester is very impressed with the colour accuracy: “Out-the-box colour accuracy is up there with the best we've seen from a gaming monitor.”

    After his tests of the panel’s quality, the reviewer came to the following conclusions:

    • The monitor achieved 83% AdobeRGB and 87% DCI-P3 coverage, with an excellent average DeltaE of just 0.32, the best figure in the comparison.
    • Top brightness was 297 nits and minimum brightness 32 nits, which are decent.
    • Contrast ratio was average with a maximum of 1070:1
    • Colour uniformity was excellent, DeltaE below 3.
    • Brightness uniformity wasn’t so good, with the top half varying by 12-15% and bottom right by 17%
    • Power consumption was in line with their expectations.

    + 28in 4K 144Hz for under £600

    + Good quality IPS panel

    + FreeSync and G-Sync compatible

    + Excellent out-the-box colour accuracy

    (+) Ergonomic stand with height adjustment, tilt, swivel and pivot

    (+) Thin bezels and subtle red trim

    (+) Integrated stereo speakers are sufficient for everyday use


    - Lacks HDMI 2.1

    - Cumbersome controls

    - Basic HDR credentials

    Verdict: „Stating the obvious, when choosing a gaming monitor it pays to know exactly what you want at the outset. With so many varying specifications to consider, it is easy to get lured by the promise of HDR or mega-fast refresh rates, and attempting to reach for the very top can result in huge price tags and panels that still fall short of perfection. For those who prefer to play it a little safer, AOC's U28G2XU offers 4K resolution on a 28in panel at up to 144Hz for just under £600. An enviable deal on the face of things, and despite a keen price tag, the underlying IPS panel delivers outstanding out-the-box colour accuracy, fast response with minimal ghosting, and adaptive framerate synchronisation in the 48-144Hz range. Ideal for silky, high-resolution PC gaming? Absolutely, though there are some shortcomings to be aware of. AOC's tactile buttons make OSD navigation feel like a chore, the display's HDR credentials are basic at best, and the absence of HDMI 2.1 means that console gamers are restricted to UHD at 60Hz or QHD at 144Hz. Bottom line: the AOC U28G2XU is geared for 4K PC gaming at up to 144Hz and manages to deliver exactly that without breaking the bank.“

    Please find the full review here.

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