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    November 12, 2021

    Review: 9/10 points for the "amazing" AOC GK500 @ (UK)

    GameSpace, a gaming focussed website from the UK/US, recently published a review including an extended unboxing video of the AOC GK500 keyboard. 


    The GK500 received 9/10 points and an “Amazing” verdict.

    The editor praised AOC’s entrance to the peripheral market: “On its first try, the GK500 aims to be a mid-range balance between price, construction, aesthetics, and performance. Hitting the target on all of these can score some serious market share and after some time spent typing our way to victory, we’re glad to say that this mechanical gaming keyboard is staying atop the desktop.”

    He also praises its premium looks: “The result is a keyboard that looks and feels far more premium than it has any right to, and that’s one of the GK500’s big selling points.”

    He made a comparison to AGK700 as well: “Simply put, the AOC GK500 is everything I would expect from the AGK700 without the cost.”

    + Individually lit RGB keys

    + Full size keyboard

    + Solid mechanical keys

    (+) Strong core with metal base plate, no flexing

    (+) Well considered layout and spacing of the keys

    (+) Premium and still understated design

    (+) Magnetic wrist attachement – entirely unexpected at this price range

    (+) G-Tools software for customisation

    (+) Five macro options


    - Could use a detachable USB cable

    - No USB pass-through

    Verdict: „The GK500 makes a few compromises, keeping the USB cord always attached and sidestepping the very best switches for something almost as good, but there’s little I don’t like about the GK500. While I was not entirely convinced by the AOC GM500, I’ll be keeping the GK500 front and center as I dive into battle from now on. Do your desktop a favor and get one of these if you haven’t already made the mechanical jump.“

    Please find the full review here and the unboxing video here.

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