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    April 21, 2022

    Review - "The AOC U32P2 nails what is increasingly becoming the sweet spot for productivity-orientated" (UK), one of the UK’s highly visited hardware and tech websites for businesses from Future Publishing with over 49 million visits per month recently published a review of the AOC U32P2. The monitor received 4/5 stars 

    + Punchy 4K VA panel

    + Excellent contrast

    + Fully adjustable stand

    (+) 4-port USB hub

    (+) Reasonable 88% AdobeRGB coverage, but not for serious content creation

    (+) Lively and punchy thanks to 350 nits brightness

    - No USB-C or HDR support

    - Not the last word in color accuracy

    - OSD menu could do with an overhaul

    Verdict: „While it lacks HDR support and USB-C connectivity, the AOC U32P2 is a mega 4K productivity tool for the money. […] Sober suited almost to a fault, the AOC U32P2 delivers on its remit as a serious productivity tool at a competitive price. The VA panel is subjectively pleasing thanks to excellent contrast and the inherent benefits of the full 4K resolution. At this competitive price point, of course, you can’t have everything. There’s no HDR support and the color balance has a little of that characteristic VA excess saturation. But then this isn’t a display aimed at professional content creation workflows, nor is it priced at anything like that lofty a level. The omission of USB-C connectivity with power delivery is arguably more of an issue. But, again, 32-inch 4K displays with USB-C simply cost more. It’s not perfect, then, the AOC U32P2. But at this price point it makes plenty of sense as a fantastic productivity tool. “

    Please find the full review here.

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