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    July 12, 2021

    Spicing up your gaming experience: mice

    Faster inputs, endless customisation, and the highest level of comfort: Gaming mice come with a range of alleged benefits. But are these advantages actually essential, or are all these features overkill? Let’s take a look at what differentiates a gaming mouse from a standard version.


    Gaming and standard mice: Guide to choosing the perfect product

    Your mouse is your tool to command the virtual worlds. You direct movements, guide characters through the game or aim for that deadly enemy who is threatening your team. As this device often acts as your eye and camera, it needs to deliver precise and quick input, which is why it is crucial to buy the right product. Here are the terms you will encounter on your shopping trip and the values you should look out for.

    DPI and switches: One of the most important aspects when looking for a new mouse is the DPI (dots per inch), also referred to as the sensitivity. This measures how many pixels the cursor travels per inch the mouse is moving. A common mouse usually has around 1600 DPI, so the pointer moves 1600 pixels per inch. Gaming mice however boast around 16,000 DPI, which gives you much more precision.

    Depending on what game you are playing, you might want to change your DPI to go for slower or faster movements. Therefore, built-in DPI switches are helpful. When playing a shooter, you can quickly lower the DPI, then increase it for MOBA and then change it again for everyday use of your PC.

    Polling rate: Another factor that is crucial for fast responsiveness is the polling rate. This indicates how often the device reports its position to the PC it is connected to and is measured in Hertz. A regular mouse usually comes with around 125 Hz, which means it reports its position 125 times per second, ergo every 8 milliseconds. A gaming mouse however sports around 500-1000 Hz, which increases the response rate to up to 1ms. Faster input allows you to make faster plays. Imagine you’re waiting for your opponent to leave their hideout. When moving your mouse, the cursor needs to react just as quickly as your input, so you get that perfect shot.

    Comfort: Regular mice are naturally designed to be used only for a short time. Therefore, there is no focus on ergonomics and comfort for those who spend hours with their passion. In general, there are three different grip types: palm, fingertip, or claw grip. Each one has its different advantages. The palm grip is the most comfortable, as your entire hand is resting on the device. It also enables extremely smooth and precise input. With the fingertip grip, you can make fast moves out of your wrist more easily. The claw grip is a combination of both.

    Customisation: Every gamer has different preferences and habits when it comes to playing their favourite titles. Some only enjoy shooters, some test all kinds of titles, while others want to go pro. Therefore, customisation is important. One option that gaming mice have is additional weights. This allows you to fine-tune how far you need to move your mouse and what feels right for you. Additionally, gaming mice also come with free software that is supplied by the manufacturer and gives further possibilities to personalise your device.

    Additional buttons: The more the merrier! Gaming mice come with additional buttons on the side of the device which are easily accessible for your thumb. This gives you further options to customise and can be a great convenience when gaming. If you are a MOBA fan, think of a micro heavy character. Your keys are all bound already, but your thumb can toggle quickly through each unit when binding the right commands to the buttons.

    G-Tools: AOC products come with the special G-Tools software. With this feature, users can further customise their mouse and sync up all their AOC devices, creating one ecosystem. This means you can coordinate the lighting pattern and colour shade of all products with just a few clicks. Additionally, G-Tools lets you assign any desired command and macro combos to every button, as well as options for additional DPI settings.

    Find the perfect match for your needs with an AOC mouse

    World-class equipment with the AOC AGM700
    Now that you know the basics of the features, how can you find the right choice for you?

    For those who are serious about gaming and are highly competitive, the AOC AGM700 is a great choice. The mouse comes with a polling rate of up to 1000 Hz, precise 16,000 DPI and super-quick 400 IPS tracking speed. This means that you can make your inputs incredibly fast as they get transmitted on the spot. With the extremely vide range of DPI, you can also switch the pointer movement to your preference and use different settings for any situation and game you play.

    The sturdy switches hold up to 50 million clicks, making it a long-term companion. To make sure your new device is the perfect fit for you, the AOC AGM700 comes with an adjustable weight system and G-Tools as all keys are programmable. You can not only tinker with the function of the mouse, but with the design too: a range of 16.8 million colours for the background lighting are right at your fingertips.


    The AOC GM200: The reliable allrounder for any game

    Not everyone strives to be at the top of the leaderboard. Some people just want to enjoy playing different games every now and then. If you’re searching for a reliable mouse to accompany you through any type of game, take a look at the AOC GM200. You get the best responsiveness with a polling rate of 1000 Hz, but don’t need to pay for features you don’t need for your hobby. The 4200 DPI are easily sufficient for playing casually and your new product will last for up to 10 million clicks.


    AOC also offers a fitting mousepad so you can get the best out of your product. The right material is important so all your movements can be registered properly, but it also needs to stay firmly in place no matter how heated the gaming action gets. With G-Tools, you can easily sync up your mousepad with your mouse so everything lights up in the same colour. And if you have any other AOC products such as a headset, monitor or keyboard – you can connect and sync them as well.

    Countless options, one perfect choice for you

    To summarise everything: gaming mice are more responsive and sport a higher sensitivity, come with more buttons, additional options for customisation and an ergonomic design. For those who are aiming to constantly improve their skills and enjoy going competitive, a top-notch mouse can greatly aid their performance. However, some of the features might be overkill for those gamers who just want to play casually every now and then. Even if you’re not a competitive player though, you still need a durable and reliable mouse that is comfortable to use.

    If you are also searching for a suitable keyboard and need more information, make sure to head over to our article here.

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