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TechNuovo gives the AOC CU34G2 5/5 stars...
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TechNuovo gives the AOC CU34G2 5/5 stars.

TechNuovo, a tech focussed news and review website/YouTube channel from the UK recently published a review of the AOC CU34G2 on their website and YouTube channel. The monitor received 5/5 stars.

„AOC have definitely built another winner with the AOC CU34G2. We said it before with the 24G2U that we tested not too long ago, and nothing has changed here. The image quality is absolutely stunning for such a budget ultrawide monitor, and would suit gamers down to a tee, as long as you got the real estate for it on your desk. The only issue I found is with the buttons for the menus. Move onto a joystick AOC, it’s definitely in your best interest.“

Please find the full written review here and video review here.

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