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    December 13, 2021

    Testing the new line of AOC Gaming: C32G2ZE @ Intogadgets (NL)

    Intogadgets has tested one of the AOC AGON gaming monitors, namely the AOC Gaming C32G2ZE. 


    The reviewer was looking for a gaming monitor that could also be suitable for his children. He heard that AOC has released new gaming monitors with good specs for a friendly price, so that was the ideal time to test one out. The reviewer played some games on the monitor and thought the monitor played well and the settings were good in his opinion.


    • Top of the bill specs (refresh rate, luminance, response time)
    • Good price
    • The curve of the monitor


    • Resolution isn't smashing
    • Buttons are hard to read

    The reviewer concludes that the AOC C32G2ZE is certainly interesting for a wide

    group of gamers. The monitor is a good choice for a good but not excessive monitor at a reasonable price.


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