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    March 19, 2020

    The guide through Vesa Certified DisplayHDR™ performance levels

    Upgrading your monitor can be a difficult task with the abundance of different categories, labels and terms. To help you find your way through the jungle of various offers, we created an overview of the different levels of HDR, certified by VESA.

    What is HDR?

    HDR is short for High Dynamic Range. The technology improves the dynamic range of colours by displaying them more vibrantly and showing contrasts more prominently. As a result, images appear more lifelike, while also adjusting the brightness so you have a clear overview in-game. A broad range of colours, darker shadows, brighter highlights: all of the individual tweaks of graphics enhance the immersive feeling and create a realistic atmosphere.

    The VESA certificate

    The VESA certificate was created to set a standard that guarantees top-notch image quality. The Video Electronics Standards Association is a global network of manufactures from a respective technology background. By establishing a certificated standard, VESA wants to protect consumers from misleading claims about a screen’s HDR capability and ensure a real HDR experience.

    VESA introduced a tier-based system that makes genuine HDR monitors distinguishable from regular SDR (Standard Dynamic Range) products.

    DisplayHDR™ 400

    The DisplayHDR 400 poses the entry level for HDR capable monitors. 400 describes the peak luminance the display can achieve and is indicated in cd/m2(candelas per square meter), also referred to as nit rate. A regular monitor has only up to 350 nits. The colour range of DisplayHDR 400 screens is in standard Red Green Blue (sRGB), with a black level luminance of just 0.4 cd/m².

    DisplayHDR™ 600

    DisplayHDR 600 is the next level in the range of monitors, peaking 600 nits. The higher the luminance, the brighter the highlights, which makes for more life-like images. Not only does the brightness get upgraded further with DisplayHDR 600. The 0.1 cd/m2black level luminance creates an even richer contrast. DisplayHDR 600 also comes with Wide Colour Gamut (WCG) resulting in a much broader spectrum of colouring thanks to its backlighting feature. Additionally, the Local Dimming Zones, divides the backlight of the monitor in zones, which can brighten up differently depending on the requirements of the picture displayed on the screen.

    DisplayHDR™ 1000

    If you are looking for the most spectacular and lifelike imagery, HDR1000 is the right choice for you. 1000 nits peak luminance, 0.05 cd/m2 black level luminance and WCG create an impressive picture quality. DisplayHDR 1000 is the most luxurious choice for video game enthusiasts who want to enjoy their favourite games to the fullest. As the previous level, HDR1000 comes with Local Dimming Zones but including much more areas with variable brightness.

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