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    August 31, 2021

    Ultra-fast refresh rate

    When looking for a new monitor, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the multitude of specs and numbers. But not to worry, we’ll explain Refresh Rate and what it means to you in detail.

    What is refresh rate? 

    A monitor’s refresh rate indicates how many single frames your monitor delivers per second. A 60Hz monitor shows you a new image every 16ms. However, a 144Hz panel accomplishes a new image every 7ms.


    Why is it important to have a high refresh rate for gaming?

    A higher refresh rate generally results in smoother gameplay. At low refresh rates, images can be in danger of getting “lost”, leading to choppy and laggy games. Your monitor also needs to keep up with your graphics card, since your frame rate is ultimately limited by your refresh rate. If you run a game at 150 frames per second, but your monitor only has a refresh rate of 60Hz, the monitor will act as a bottleneck and all you will get to see are 60 FPS. It doesn’t matter how well your computer runs the game, as long as the monitor is physically incapable of displaying the end result.


    Is there an ideal refresh rate for specific games?

    There is no optimal refresh rate for different types of games. The general rule is: the higher, the better. But certain games definitely benefit from a higher refresh rate, games that involve quick reaction times, such as competitive multiplayer FPS’ like CS:GO and Overwatch. If your opponent can see you earlier because his images are refreshed more frequently, you’ll be at a disadvantage.

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