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    June 24, 2020

    Very good review and "Recommended" award for AOC CQ27G2U @, a website / YouTube channel / influencer from the UK specialised on very detailed and technical monitor reviews recently published a comprehensive written review and a ~1-hour long video review on the AOC CQ27G2U.

    “The bottom line; a well-priced and flexible solution with an emphasis on strong contrast. […] The AOC CQ27G2U offers a combination that many find very attractive – 27” screen size, 2560 x 1440 (WQHD) resolution and high refresh rate. This gives a decent amount of desktop ‘real-estate’ and provides good clarity potential for a wide range of content. […] The overall design was fairly understated as far as such things go, with good ergonomic flexibility added into the mix as well. As a VA panel, contrast was a key strength. We measured pleasing static contrast which helped improve the atmosphere in dark scenes and improved the depth of dark elements in mixed scenes. […] The monitor provided fairly vibrant colour output, too, with some extension beyond the sRGB colour space (92% DCI-P3) injecting a bit of extra vibrancy and saturation. […] The 144Hz refresh rate was put to quite good use overall, with low input lag and some clear benefits in terms of both ‘connected feel’ and reduced perceived blur at high frame rates. Whilst some pixel responses made good use of the refresh rate, others didn’t. There were some weaknesses including ‘smeary’ trailing where dark shades were involved in the transition. […] Overall, the monitor ticks plenty of boxes and one big one is the price. It’s significantly cheaper than many competitors, particularly those with IPS-type panels. Whilst the weaknesses we’ve exposed mean it’s not ideal for fast-paced gameplay or for colour critical work, it’s certainly a screen that will keep more casual gamers happy. It’s also a screen that works well for movie watching and productivity – a pretty capable monitor for the price.”

    Please find the full written review here, the video review here, the video on its OSD settings here, and the video on viewing angles here.

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