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    March 28, 2021

    Why good sound is important for gaming

    What elevates a good video game to an outstanding title? There are many factors such as graphics, storytelling, combat system or attention to detail. One element that can tie everything together and upgrade the level of immersion is the sound of a game. And for competitive players, good audio can even be the difference between failure and success.

    Single-player games: how sound makes video game worlds come alive

    There are almost endless different genres in video games, but no matter which virtual world you’re entering, the audio that accompanies you on your journey is crucial.

    In single-player games, the immersion is what makes a playthrough truly magical. Soundtracks evoke and amplify different emotions. When you’re on your own mission, battling through a seemingly unconquerable horde of opponents, aggressive and fast beats on your ears can pump up the adrenaline and make you perform better.

    Other moments capture your heart and let you feel the characters’ emotions. Seeing a beloved person pass away in-game after you have completed countless quests with them becomes even more heart-breaking with an emotional musical background.

    Music can give you the chills while running through enchanted forests, bring out the beast in you during combat or alert you in dangerous situations.

    But it’s not only intricate or voluminous soundtracks that can transport you directly into the virtual world. Small atmospheric sounds really make a game feel realistic. If you’re in a busy futuristic mega-city with neon billboards and flying cars, the subtle noises of people gossiping in the background, robots beeping their way through the streets or strange technological sounds you can’t yet locate is what makes the scene lively and interesting.

    The best equipment for the best immersion

    For those players who enjoy a variety of games and want to get the most immersive experience, the allrounder AOC GH200 would be the perfect choice. With the built-in microphone, you can conveniently engage in conversations while playing with friends. Thanks to the control panel on the cable, you can mute you

    rself with one click and adjust the volume. The 50mm drivers bring all soundtracks and ambient noises to life.

    A driver is the round part inside your headphones which converts audio signals into sound waves - basically a tiny speaker in your ear. These pieces can differ in size and the larger they are, the richer the bass and sound. This comes from having more surface to move the air when they vibrate, transporting the sound waves and creating improved volume.

    Multiplayer games: a strategic advantage over your opponents

    Great audio quality not only makes the gaming experience more life-like and enjoyable. For multiplayer titles, it can be a game-winning factor.

    The most prominent example for the importance of stellar sound quality is the first-person shooter genre. When facing enemies, no matter if NPC or real player, it is crucial to hear them and pinpoint their location – before they see or hear you.

    Hear your opponents before they even notice you

    Virtual Surround is one of the highest standards in audio design for competitive players. The feature lets you hear sources of sound from more than just two directions, unlike traditional stereo. Common stereo headphones let you hear something through your left or your right ear, depending on which direction the sounds come from. With Virtual Surround, the sound is transferred immediately to the ear that is closer to the source, but a minimal delay is added to the other ear. This way, a multi-dimensional field of sound is created.

    With all the different angles and distances, the player can visualize an object's position with the audio information alone. And once you’re aware of your enemy’s location, you need to inform your team-mates as well. It is extremely important that you not only hear everything that’s going on, but also that you can be heard if needed. Your mic should sound clean and be free of distortion, picking up only your voice while eliminating background noises. There might also be moments where you want to mute and unmute yourself, so it is important you can do so with a quick press of a button, instead of inconveniently tabbing out of the game and searching for the mute icon in the communication program.

    Be a step ahead with the right headphones

    Spatial awareness is key to excelling in FPS titles. If you thrive in a competitive environment and aim to improve your skills, upgrade your gaming station with a high-quality headset. The AOC GH300 comes with 50mm drivers for clean audio, a built-in mic, LED backlighting and a control panel on the cable. And most importantly: the headphones feature 7.1 Virtual Surround Stereo for PC, which creates multi-layered audio.

    No matter what genre of games you prefer, sound can elevate your experience and even boost your skill. Headphones help you hear intricate details of soundtracks and noises to fully immerse you into the virtual world, feeling all emotions that are further triggered through audio. In competitive titles, the right headphones can even give you an advantage, making you aware of your opponents long before you can them. You also need to communicate with team-mates without your mic picking up background noise. Hear everything, be heard and annihilate the competition!

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