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    January 11, 2021

    Worldwide and Europe-wide success AOC is world’s #1 in gaming monitors

    Amsterdam, 12 January 2021 – Display specialist AOC announces that, according to the latest market figures by Context, in the third quarter of 2020, the company again holds first place in market share of gaming monitors (120Hz and above) around Europe, with a 27% market share, continuing its leading position for the past year from Q3-2019.

    Additionally, according to IDC Quarterly Gaming Tracker Q2 2020, AOC also has the largest market share (20%) in gaming monitors all around the world. Gaming monitors are defined as monitors with a 100 Hz refresh rate and above, which are necessary for competitive gamers to have the fastest and smoothest experience and beat their opponents.

    Covering a large gaming monitor portfolio with monitor sizes ranging from 21.5” to 49”, various aspect ratios (16:9, 21:9, 32:9), resolutions from Full HD up to Ultra HD and beyond (5120x1440), with refresh rates up to 240 Hz and response times as low as 0.5 ms, AOC offers a gaming monitor for users of any budget and requirements.

    AOC AGON AG493UCX: exceptional super-wide 49” gaming display with 120 Hz, 1 ms MPRT, AMD FreeSync Premium Pro including USB-C input and KVM switch

    The gaming monitor market expanded rapidly in the last quarter, with a 126% increase in volume of all gaming monitors sold compared to the same quarter of the previous year.

    With the launch of its first gaming monitor back in 2014 and its premium gaming brand AGON in 2016, AOC is not a newcomer to the scene and understands gamers’ passions and desires. AOC also partnered up with successful e-sports organisation G2 Esports and sponsored various gaming events all around Europe, including Red Bull and ESL tournaments, proving that its gaming monitors are stage-worthy for even the most elite gaming figures.

    Contributing factors to AOC’s enormous success include the award-winning G2 series, launched last year, which received gamers’ approvals and won numerous awards including “Best Gaming Monitor” and “Best Budget Gaming Monitor” for the 24” 24G2U with a 144 Hz refresh rate and a vivid IPS panel.

    In Europe, AOC increased its leading market share of 23% in Q3-2019 to 27% in Q3-2020 with a 4% increase year-on-year and 6% from the previous quarter (Q2-2020). This great success is also apparent by AOC increasing its volume of monitors sold by an impressive 167% year-on-year, while the total market grew by 126% in the same period. AOC reached the first position in the market in the majority of European countries, with up to a staggering 49% market share in some of them. In 18 countries/regions, AOC has a market share well over 25% in gaming monitors, meaning one out of four gaming monitors sold is an AOC monitor.

    ”In the last quarter, we’ve achieved our largest volume sold in a quarter in gaming monitors in Europe and give a huge thank you to all our customers. The same trend is true for the whole world, where we became the number one gaming monitor brand. AOC continues to develop cutting-edge gaming monitors with our mainstream AOC Gaming and premium AGON brands and we’re once again the customers’ first choice when it comes to gaming monitors,” says Stefan Sommer, Director Marketing & Business Management in Europe.

    Stefan Sommer, Director Marketing & Business Management in Europe

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