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    February 14, 2020

    "Worth Buying" award and 8.5/10 points for CU34G2X @ KitGuru

    UK’s KitGuru, a gaming-centred technology website with an average of 2 million monthly visitors, just released their review of the AOC CU34G2X. The website awarded the CU34G2X the “Worth Buying” award and 8.5/10 stars.

    „The AOC CU34G2X is a tempting proposition. […] There isn’t a screen we’ve tested that boasts these abilities for less. It undercuts the ASUS PG35VQ and MSI MPG341CQR significantly – particularly the former – and yet doesn’t seem to have any major corners cut. It’s not as bright as the MSI model, but colour accuracy is better and you’re saving around £300. […] But considering the price, if you were holding off going for the 21:9 format because gaming-focused higher-refresh screens were just too expensive, the AOC CU34G2X could be the one that convinces you to upgrade. […] The AOC CU34G2X is a very tempting proposition, bringing 34in ultrawide screen 144Hz gaming to a new affordable price. “

    Please find the full review here.

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