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eSports Team

Supporting excellence

Our monitors are designed to raise the skill caps of players to their absolute limits. This is why we have partnered with G2 Esports, one of the world’s premier esports organizations, to support them with our top-of-the-line monitors. In esports, a low response time, high refresh rate and Adaptive-Sync technologies are keys to enabling the best player performances — and our monitors enable the G2 professionals to call upon their best performances and dominate the competition even more. "


Unleash the way of the samurai with G2 Esports

Every culture has a forefront, an area where the best of the best define the standard of excellence. That is what esports is to gaming – competition at the highest level that produces breathtaking moments and with actions previously thought to be impossible. That’s why we have partnered with G2 Esports, one of the premier esports organizations of the planet, to support them with our high-end monitors. We make sure that each and every G2 player has the right tools to stay on top of the game.


League of Legends

Immediately after their promotion to EU LCS, the team completely dominated the league in 2016 and 2017, also showing their prowess on the international stage. Semi-finalist at Worlds 2018.

Preferred monitor G2590PXShow monitor


Rainbow Six: Siege

In Rainbow Six: Siege, G2 Esports is considered the best team in the world and with good reason. The team surrounding star player Niclas 'Pengu' Mouritzen has won several major tournaments and still seems to be getting stronger with every event.

Preferred monitor C24G1Show monitor


AOC G2460PF INSTAGRAM G2 final Video
AOC AG322QCX G2 PERKZ final Video
IEMKatowice G2 Blind Video
Educational G2 AOC - FINAL VIDEO
IEMKatowice G2 Disguise Video