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July 28, 2022

For stylish home-offices V5 stands for versatility and chic: AOC’s latest USB-C monitor series hits the shelves

Display specialist AOC proudly announces the new V5 series monitors, perfect for home users or students wanting to upgrade their home office screen in style: The 3-sides borderless V5 models offer a thin, sleek display with a minimal footprint and advanced features such as USB-C connectivity with 65W Power Delivery. Featuring Full HD and QHD resolutions and ranging from 24”/60.4 cm (24V5C, 24V5CE) to 27”/68.6 cm (27V5C, 27V5CE, Q27V5C) as well as all the way up to 31.5”/80 cm Q32V5CE. The first six models of the V5 series will be available from July 2022. 

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